Marcos Javier Riganti

Marcos Javier Riganti

Full Stack Developer

Marcos is a developer with over 14 years of experience working on-site, remote and with distributed teams; either from North and Latin America or Europe. Currently based in Barcelona, Spain


+34 622 098 287


  • Front Front
  • HTML/5 / CSS / LESS / SASS
  • Javascript / jQuery / YUI
  • React / Redux / Backbone / Angular
  • Webpack / Gulp / Grunt / Browserify
  • Back End
  • PHP / CakePHP / Symfony 1.4 / 3.x / Laravel / Zend Framework
  • SQL / MySQL / MongoDB / Realm / Cloud Firestore
  • React Native / Expo
  • AWS / S3 / Firestorage
  • Work Flow
  • Scrum / Agile
  • JIRA / Toggl / Basecamp
  • Git / SVN
  • Slack / Skype / Zoom /
  • Flow / Emeet / Prettier / Eslint

Soft Skills

Team Player: Easy going to team relations, I've always developed a great relation with partners and coworkers either onsite or remote. Showing always manners, respect, comprehension and equality.
Planning and Organzation: The fact of having a wide technical background and good relation the staff results in an effective work division and assigment, either to assign to take the tasks.
Aim to Exellence Working with and for the best does not allow me to do any less, it's my concer to always delivery high quality solutions.
Flexibilty Ready to do overtime, change shifts or work during the weekends.
Laeadership Leading and coordinating from small to medium groups with a high technical knowledge and several years of developing, permits a confident role to guide, help and integrate all team member into any given project, not relying on a fixed schema of boss-employee but trust and knowledge.


Companies I have worked for.

ex Razorfish


Clients I have worked for within the previous companies or as a contractor.

Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo Bank


Q: What kind of developer are you?

A: I’m web developer, I’ve started as PHP backend, Presentation Layer Developer and nowadays mostly with the with FrontEnd, specially with React JS and lately React Native using Redux and Firebase

Q: What are your strengths?

A: I would say my strengths rely on my soft skills, my flexibility, my team player communication, either to work remote or onsite.

Q: How long have you been doing what you do?

A: I have started to work over 14 years ago, I’ve worked as a freelancer, and then as an employee and as contractor for small, medium and huge companies for the past 12 years, including years working for American companies.

Q: What kind of projects do you enjoy working on?

A: Every project that defy a User Experience as known, its really joyful because allow me to expand the boundaries, on both sides of the project, as a developer and as an user.

Q: What companies have you done work for?

A: I had the great chance of working for ElipseAgency, from my hometown in Argentina, Razorfish (Publicis Sapient now) part of the Publicis holding mostly with the Clients with their headquarters in San Francisco, New York and Seattle, ScalablePath based in San Francisco with distributed all across America and Latin America. As well also for public institutions like the Santa Fe state communication secretary and Rosario National University.