Marcos Javier Riganti

Web Developer

8 years experience Web Developer,building, designing and testing websites; with expertise in PHP, Javascript and Web standards and collaboration in distrubuted teams. Always looking for new technologies and continue learning

Phone: +549 341 3011980
US Phone: +1 415 987 7948
Location: Rosario, Argentina
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  • OOP
  • CakePHP
  • Symfony
  • YII
  • CodeIgniter


  • jQuery/Zepto
  • YUI 3.8
  • BackboneJS
  • AngularJS
  • NodeJS


  • HTML5
  • CSS3/Responsive Web Design
  • Accesibility

Version Control

  • SVN
  • GIT
  • Accurev
  • TeamFundation

Misc Skills [unrated]

Wordpress Facebook Open Graph SEO CQ5 Web Optimization Paypal JIRA Agile / SCRUM Basecamp Trac

Soft Skills

Team Player Easy going to team relations, I've always developed a great relation with partners onsite and remote.

Planning and Organzation The fact of having a wide technical background and good relation the staff results in an effective work division and assigment.

Aim to Exellence Working with and for the best does not allow me to do any less, it's my concer to always delivery high quality solutions.

Flexibilty Ready to do overtime, change shifts or work during the weekends.

Problem Solver Quick and experienced to do the minimal change in order to tackle issues on back and front.

Laeadership Leading and coordinating from small to medium groups with a high technical knowledge and several years of developing, permits a confident role to guide, help and integrate all team member into any given project, not relying on a fixed schema of boss-employee but trust and knowledge.

Universidad Nacional de Rosario

Computer Science(undergraduated)

Globant / Razorfish

Sr. Presentation Layer Developer

In Globant I've been totally affected to the Razorfish ODC, working developing and leading Latest Front End Technologies, responsable for presentation development and training new employees to help them reach great knowledge level. Working for clients like TERRA, Microsoft, ISIS, Experian and Intel, traveling also to work on site to the States and Brasil.


Web Developer

As a contractor for ScalablePath I've been developing internal products in PHP Symfony and using BackboneJS for the single page apps.

Universidad Nacional de Rosario

Principal Web Developer

Working under the Communications Department I was total responable for the development and maintenance of the University portal and CMS, and also the development and consulting for other areas and careers depending on this secretary.


Web Development Director

Technical head for this company I've been designing and developing hight traffic websites, loading optimizations and full presentation plus data schema and content managers. Also Client facing and small groups coordination with developers and creative. Using PHP, MySQL, AJAX, Jquery, SEO.


  • Intel - Ultrabook Project (Tablet&Mobile)

    HTML5 CQ5 Video Javascript CSS3

  • Microsoft - Server & Cloud

    HTML jQuery CSS

  • Ustrendy

    HTML jQuery CSS3 Paypal PHP

  • Lector Comun

    HTML jQuery CSS PHP

  • ISIS

    HTML5 jQuery CSS3

  • Terra (tablet)

    HTML5 Javascript xuiJS CSS3 HistoryJS Yii Fr.

  • Senator Filmus

    HTML Wordpress PHP CSS/jQuery

  • UNR

    HTML Javascript CSS PHP

  • Tempo

    HTML5 jQuery BackboneJS CSS3 Symfony